Nation Ford Chemical is the only domestic producer of PANA, an anti-oxidant used in synthetic lubricants, rubber products and as an organic intermediate. One of its unique uses is as a protectant for jet engine lubricants. NFC offers PANA in bulk, cast in drums and as a free-flowing flake. In fact, NFC is the only company in the world to offer flake, and the flake offers better color stability over ground PANA. The flakes allow for easy dissolving of PANA into base oils.

CAS # 90-30-2

Molten Liquid in Bulk
Tank Trucks or Railcars

Clear to slight yellow liquid

Solid (Cast)
450 lb Steel Drums

White to light tan solid

20 kg Paper Bags
200 lb Fiber Drums

White to light tan flake

Technical Information / Safety Data Sheets

PANA Specifications
Safety Data Sheets